What is a POS System? What are Its Important Components?

Ask about POS system to any retailer; they will tell you one thing – it is the hub which combines everything as the heart of your business. But a POS system is not all about one thing.  



A POS system combines different kinds of hardware and software components with which merchants can conduct transactions and ease important business operations on daily basis.

What are the Software Components of POS System?

Generally, there are two software deployment options –


On Premise – It is a traditional model. Buy more than one licenses upfront and install the same on your servers or computer system. You are liable for maintaining and updating the program, which may need dedicated IT personnel for large-scale businesses.

Cloud Based – Also called as Software as a Service, cloud based POS allows you to access the system over the web. In case server goes down, it will track sales and sync once it is online.

Bottom Line – When choosing POS software, flexibility is the key. Make sure your vendor supports your desired payment gateway/processor, so you can control cost. If you are using application that is vital to your business, be sure it integrates seamlessly.

What are the Hardware Components of POS System?

POS Screen: – It displays the database. It serves other functions, such as viewing sales reports and employee clock-in. Along with iPad; tablets are the best alternative to heavy monitors.

Barcode Scanners: – For automating the checkout process. Barcode scanning collects product information and adds the same to the total on checkout. When scanned, barcodes also integrate with inventory management to adjust stock levels.

Credit Card Readers: – EMV-compliant and secure credit card readers are the best choice for retailers, as the EMV standard went live.

Cash Drawer: – You need a secure option to store cash. In addition, no credit card fee is imposed on cash payment.

Receipt Printer – Text receipts and emails are enjoying huge popularity, but paper receipts are still on trend for providing quick access of purchase.

These aforementioned POS software and hardware equipments benefit retailers greatly from automation. You should find out how these POS components work to deal with certain problems.

How to Choose the Best POS Systems?

Since you know everything you need about POS system, what to do next? If it’s your first time in selecting a POS system for your startup, consider asking these meaningful questions to make vendors to provide all the detailed answers.

Before asking these questions, consider flexibility of pricing, ease of use, data security, customer support, hardware durability, and any actionable details you need to know about the system.

  • How much does the POS software cost actually?
  • Does the POS system work as per your specific needs?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
  • Does it include proprietary hardware?

Wrapping Up

Be prepared to make a list of important components that your retail business must have. Start searching for solutions and be sure they cover all the important points while offering user-friendly, secure, and advanced solution.


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Services Provided

Are you looking for the best POS solution for your retail business needs? At Gemini Computers, you may find the widest range of Point of Sale systems for fine dining restaurants, retail stores and quick service bars. Here, you will get the complete range ofPOSsystems and POS hardware.

7 Must Have Features to Look for in a POS System

An all in one POS System couples several technologies at once and integrates them in a workstation to improve convenience and value to the organization. When it comes to POS System, you need to choose one that can conveniently provide everything to fulfill your business needs and satisfy your customers. When a lot of manufacturers offer them as all in one, you can easily free yourself from additional hassles and purchases.

Here are some of the essentials of a POS System

1.Touch Screen Display

User interface is really the most important part of a POS system. It is the main POS equipment that accelerates the processing of transaction in both food service and retail industry. With the help of quick access buttons and on-screen menus, even the newbie user can find the way to reduce training time. With the touch screen, you can easily manage your inventory and transaction process.


2.In-Built Customer Display

The customer also wants to know what the price of the product you are charging. With the help of in-built customer display, you can also run promotions and marketing messages and enhance sales.

3.POS Software

Though it feels obvious, there are several all-in-one POS equipments and system having just hardware. A printer cannot fax, scan or print without having a driver on your PC. Similarly, a POS System is nothing without having best POS software. You need to choose the software you want to run. With the help of a best POS system, you can easily get rid of extra stress. By choosing the best POS software, it will really be easy to do anything.


Though it seems pretty obvious, several vendors offer POS systems without this basic equipment. This way, a user has to set up a printer on their own, instead of having integrated printer. It is not possible to process sales without customer receipts. With having an easy load printer, you can easily reduce downtime. You can choose thermal printers that can easily serve the customers faster. They also enable graphics for bar codes, logos and marketing messages.

5.Magnetic Card Reader

You will need to have a magnetic card reader in order to receive payments from debit and credit cards and offer various services. This way, you can easily avoid the hassle of entering data manually.


The stronger and safer the POS system is, the better it would be to ensure security. The embedded, closed POS system can reduce exposure to malware as they are designed well. It also avoids installation of third party software. You need to ensure security of your POS system with some of the reliable service providers.


7.Other Equipments

Your POS System should come with all the latest interfaces that can support devices like PCs, scanners and scales. It is really very important that your POS system should support LAN interface that enable several POS systems to share data and stay connected in real time. Networking also provides options for office PC, device sharing, remote support and processing. It should also include support for LAN, USB and RS232.


What to Consider when Looking for POS System?



There are different POS Systems you can get from various vendors that are integrated to improve the convenience and productivity in your organization. You may order all in one POS Software which can match up with all your business needs to process sales. You can find a lot of systems that can make things simpler and easier. You can find a lot of manufacturers offering POS Equipments to keep store up to date and running.


Retail POS System – The Best Solution for Your Business Productivity

With the help of touch screen interface, web-based package and scanning device, POS Systems can easily speed up the checkout process and inventory management. Here, every scanned item can be deducted automatically from the inventory database. With this tool, you can also take the print out of inventory and crosscheck the same. The control and management of inventory are the major strength of POS equipments. The selling price can easily be saved in the computer and it is really very helpful for the software system to designate the price automatically while scanning it.

With the help of this method, you can easily get the exact and quick calculation of items bought by the buyers. With the help of secured data backup, the POS System can be helpful to prevent the problems. It can also keep proper monitoring on the employees and it can easily track the number of buyers visiting the retail stores and restaurants in the specific time span. With having the successful operation of POS, you can easily perform all the basic functions in your business. It is always important to maintain the compatible hardware, such as printer, barcode scanner, data recording unit, and credit card reader. It is helpful for the proper functioning of sales operations.

You always have to buy proper POS Software from the reputable company which provides better customer service and trains the staff to gain great benefits. You must never get swayed with the POS solutions and you can always get the basic software with extra features and benefits that can fulfill all your needs. It might apparently seem to have the helpful POS system that can assist you in sales operations of the business. You need to use the software in the right way in your everyday corporate affairs and you can easily gain the easy checkout process and reorder level and it can easily help you in customer satisfaction.

This is the significance of POS System which helps in inventory management, reorder level and easy checkouts. It is the best and reliable source for generating revenue in the business and it also helps in preventing unrecorded sales, stock pilferage and over/under pricing of stock, and selling inventory at low/higher price. Hence, it helps improve the revenue of the business by preventing such flaws in your business. It also tracks the inventory and marks the items off inventory and the whole process keeps track on the loopholes of the transaction and it ensures matching the inventory year after year without any problem.

These days, retail POS system is considered to be important for a modern business and you can really improve productivity and business operations. These systems are blessed with a lot of amazing features and they have great operation speed and they are used widely and they have increased the profitability of several businesses. These POS systems have become very reliable and they are available at affordable prices. You can easily install these systems conveniently. There are lots of companies engaged in offering these systems.

Restaurant POS System – Everything You Need to Know About

POS or Point of Sale System is a computerized order-entry system used by many restaurants to record information, process orders and print/display bills or receipts. POS systems are also used by bartenders, restaurant servers, and cashiers to enter drinks and food orders.

Restaurant Bar POS Station

Capabilities of POS System

The Point of Sale System acts both as a computer and a cash register. POS consists of several POS equipments, such as receipt printers, credit card terminals, hostess stations, touch screen display and server stations. A POS System can add accuracy, convenience and save time. It can perform several functions, such as –

  • Record payment method
  • Calculate outstanding amount for every order placed
  • Monitor cash flow in the drawer
  • Create sales reports on hourly and daily basis
  • Calculate payroll and labor data
  • Let hourly staff to sign in and out
  • Monitor menu items
  • Record data of repeat customers

How Employees Take Order with POS System?

  • First of all, your employee enters in their user id or name to access the system.
  • The staff takes new order by entering food items in customer orders. Employees can also add food to a table number if you have a full-service restaurant.
  • This order information is sent to the bar or kitchen as a printed ticket or on a monitor.
  • The bar staff or kitchen employees receive the order and make beverage or food for waiters to serve the customers
  • The staff will read the charge on the display in a quick-service restaurant and collect payment from them. Server will bring check, take payment and make an entry to the POS system on checkout process.

Setting up POS System

According to the service style and layout, you can place touch screens in various places in the restaurant. If you have fast-cash or quick service restaurant, you can place your POS at a visible place, or near the front doors. If you have full-service restaurant, you should place POS system in a private location to avoid interference on dining experience.

Benefits of Digital Display Systems

Especially in large chain-based restaurants, modern POS systems come with digital display. Also known as bump screens or KDS (Kitchen Display Systems), the order is displayed with proper information about requested food, time of order placing, and server name and table number. Once the food is finished and ready, the kitchen staff will hit the ‘ready’ button. It is the best way to communicate order status, record service speed and stay organized.

Specific Configurations

You need to buy a POS system for specific type of restaurant, especially in case you have different needs in your operation. You can configure the POS software according to your operation and enter menu items and their prices.

POS as a Direct Marketing Tool

Your POS system is capable to record email addresses, phone numbers or order info, such as checking party size or average in each table. Your POS System can create a database of customer info. Later on, this information can be used to tailor the promotions and offers in your marketing campaigns.