Restaurant POS System – Everything You Need to Know About

POS or Point of Sale System is a computerized order-entry system used by many restaurants to record information, process orders and print/display bills or receipts. POS systems are also used by bartenders, restaurant servers, and cashiers to enter drinks and food orders.

Restaurant Bar POS Station

Capabilities of POS System

The Point of Sale System acts both as a computer and a cash register. POS consists of several POS equipments, such as receipt printers, credit card terminals, hostess stations, touch screen display and server stations. A POS System can add accuracy, convenience and save time. It can perform several functions, such as –

  • Record payment method
  • Calculate outstanding amount for every order placed
  • Monitor cash flow in the drawer
  • Create sales reports on hourly and daily basis
  • Calculate payroll and labor data
  • Let hourly staff to sign in and out
  • Monitor menu items
  • Record data of repeat customers

How Employees Take Order with POS System?

  • First of all, your employee enters in their user id or name to access the system.
  • The staff takes new order by entering food items in customer orders. Employees can also add food to a table number if you have a full-service restaurant.
  • This order information is sent to the bar or kitchen as a printed ticket or on a monitor.
  • The bar staff or kitchen employees receive the order and make beverage or food for waiters to serve the customers
  • The staff will read the charge on the display in a quick-service restaurant and collect payment from them. Server will bring check, take payment and make an entry to the POS system on checkout process.

Setting up POS System

According to the service style and layout, you can place touch screens in various places in the restaurant. If you have fast-cash or quick service restaurant, you can place your POS at a visible place, or near the front doors. If you have full-service restaurant, you should place POS system in a private location to avoid interference on dining experience.

Benefits of Digital Display Systems

Especially in large chain-based restaurants, modern POS systems come with digital display. Also known as bump screens or KDS (Kitchen Display Systems), the order is displayed with proper information about requested food, time of order placing, and server name and table number. Once the food is finished and ready, the kitchen staff will hit the ‘ready’ button. It is the best way to communicate order status, record service speed and stay organized.

Specific Configurations

You need to buy a POS system for specific type of restaurant, especially in case you have different needs in your operation. You can configure the POS software according to your operation and enter menu items and their prices.

POS as a Direct Marketing Tool

Your POS system is capable to record email addresses, phone numbers or order info, such as checking party size or average in each table. Your POS System can create a database of customer info. Later on, this information can be used to tailor the promotions and offers in your marketing campaigns.


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